Professional Payroll Services In Newington

Payroll – it’s the one aspect of running a business that you absolutely, positively cannot get wrong. Make sure you get it right, every time, with the help of Accounting Services, Inc. Contact us today for more details and to find out how we can help your business be successful with professional payroll services.

The Big Picture

Accounting Services, Inc. of Newington, CT provides payroll services for a variety of businesses. We provide the entire package, from the issuing of checks, to the preparation of the various tax returns required by Federal and State Agencies. Call today to make an appointment with our payroll professionals.

Give Us Your Hours, WE DO THE REST

Accounting Services, Inc. has the capability to provide a direct deposit for your employees. This provides you, the employer, with an additional benefit to offer your employees. All you need to do is provide us with your payroll hours and leave the mechanics to us. Call Accounting Services, Inc. for an appointment!

Make An Executive Decision

It never fails. Payroll day has a funny way of coinciding with a major deadline. Which do you attend to first? Do what any good manager would do: delegate your payroll needs to professional accountants who can crunch the numbers and get your employees’ money into their bank accounts with no fuss and no muss. Call Accounting Services, Inc. before your next payroll cycle!

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